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The terrorism threat level monitor for iPhone

UK Terror Alert is the new app for iPhone that ensures you always know the latest terrorism threat level, as set by the UK Home Office and the MI5 Security Service.

UK Terror Alert is an all-important tool in helping you to protect yourself from the threat of terrorism. With UK Terror Alert, you can:

  • See all the UK's terrorism threat levels in real-time, including the threats from international and Ireland-related terrorism.
  • Receive push notifications to your iPhone whenever the threat levels change, even if the app isn't running.
  • View a history of all threat level changes.
  • Get practical advice on how to deal with the threat from terrorism.
  • Share the state of any of the current threat levels on Facebook and Twitter.

A free version of the app called UK Terror Alert Lite is also available, with the following differences:

  • Banner ads and full screen ads are displayed in the free app.
  • Apple push notication terror alert updates are not available in the free verison, meaning you will not be automatically alerted when the terror alert levels change.

With UK Terror Alert, you will always know how vigilant you should be in order to minimise the threat from terrorism. Get it now and ensure that you stay on top of the terrorist threat directly from your iPhone.

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